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Nancer LeMoins


Nancer LeMoins is a print-maker, photographer and mixed-media artist living in San Francisco, California. She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and received her B.A. after studying art at Evergreen State College in Washington. As she observes:

"I have always been an artist but when I tested positive for HIV in 1986 my work changed significantly. I tried very hard over the years to represent the AIDS epidemic as something very personal, to present the politics and the experience of the rollercoaster that is AIDS in a more human light. I also learned a lot about using art to educate, to create works that help people to see in a new way, perhaps to open up hearts and minds."


"For the past ten years I have been doing a lot of work that reflects who we are as humans living in relation to each other and the world. I am trying to use the things that I learned by doing work about the AIDS epidemic to address broader social and spiritual issues. I am trying to open hearts and mind as well as, more lately, trying to produce work that simply reflects the beauty around us and is a respite from all of dizzying tidal wave of daily life."


Further examples of Nancer's work can be found on the Visual AIDS website.

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