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Angie Eng


Angie Eng has devised and worked in Arts-based education and empowerment programs for nearly 20 years. In 2002, while travelling through Asia and Africa, she co-founded LIFESIGNS, a not-for-profit organisation that works with local artists and adolescents to foster HIV prevention through theatre and public art. Eng contends that "art is an effective cure to save a generation from the HIV virus", and that despite advances in drug treatments and their availability, education and prevention are still the key to ending the AIDS pandemic. In Africa, it may yet be the case that artists and school children save more lives than medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies. 


Back in New York to plot the future direction of LIFESIGNS and to produce her own video art, Angie Eng spoke with Paul Sendziuk. A transcript of the interview, and an abbreviated 2-page version, can be accessed by clicking on the images on the left. 


The slideshow images on the right depict some of LIFESIGNS art-based AIDS education projects in Ethiopa.

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